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Combining the Powers of SAP® and Google®

In the current harsh financial environment where cash is a scarce commodity and the utmost need is to cut costs and still be profitable, one of the main avenues that are less explored are the ways to optimize business processes in a smart way. Companies are realizing that cutting costs alone will not make them survive in these environments – it is absolutely necessary to minimize business process overhead and at the same time maximize productivity. This might look like an impossible situation – but at Acti Process we constantly work towards exploring some smart approaches about how both these seemingly disparate goals can be achieved relatively easily with modest investment in software and processes. The fact that the key to success in business lies in getting the appropriate information at appropriate point of time to the appropriate person is driving organizations to automate their optimized business processes to get them this advantage.

Among the ERPs, SAP® is known to have revolutionized the complete outlook of the customers in using the ERP solutions for their better business performances. Companies use SAP® as it has completeness in its offerings in understanding and serving the customer needs.

Google® has revolutionized the standards of IT industry with its open source technological frameworks and its adaptability to cater to the growing needs of the customers. The emerging cloud computing has earmarked the beginning of new era in the IT world.

Acti Process Business Solutions brings you the advantage Cloud Computing to your SAP® systems by combining the Native technology and cloud computing advantages through its flagship process Framework smartPROCESS® suite”

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