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Do you want to jump-start SAP® workflow projects?

You do not have to invest amounts of development time to implement a workflow process,smartPROCESS® suite is an SAP® certified ABAPTM Add-on allows you to rapidly realize workflow, process without any programming in your core SAP ERP,SRM,CRM and SCM systems


In the current harsh financial environment where cash is a scarce commodity and the utmost need is to cut costs and still be profitable, one of the main avenues that are less explored are the ways to optimize business processes in a smart way. Companies are realizing that cutting costs alone will not make them survive in these environments – it is absolutely necessary to minimize business process overhead and at the same time maximize productivity. This might look like an impossible situation – but this paper explores some smart approaches about how both these seemingly disparate goals can be achieved relatively easily with modest investment in software and processes.


The fact that the key to success in business lies in getting the appropriate information at appropriate point of time to the appropriate person is driving organizations to automate their optimized business processes to get them this advantage.


Though Business Processes are central to the success of any organization yet all major ERP products do not provide flexible infrastructure and mechanisms to realize and optimize them easily. And hence the demand for having a Business Process Optimization and automation solution has taken shape of high priority in the recent years.


Recent surveys have shown that almost 60% of the organizations have planned or in the process to completely optimize and automate their business process and the rest are soon catching them as organizations business performance is at a stake owing to the nuisances created by the unstructured business processes
ActiProcess helps organizations in jump starting their workflow projects at a low TCO by offering them smartPROCESS suite




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