Actiprocess Process Optimization for SAP Business Processes | Actiprocess

Do you want to turn your SAP® system into an agile Business process Platform without costly SAP® system upgrades and hardware costs?

ActiProcess smartPROCESS suite is an SAP® certified ABAPTM Add-on that sits seamlessly in your existing landscape and helps you implements process flows with much help from your technical team. Even R/3 4.6C is supported.
Business Process Optimization involves optimizing process flows of all sizes, crossing any application, company boundary and connects process design and process maintenance.
A Business Process Optimization is to
  • Design/redesign the Business Process for the underlying service composition to fit a given constraint
  • Adapt the Business Process to improve the process execution for a specific service composition
  • Design/redesign a Business Process taking into account some constraints for a specific service infrastructure
  • Adapt the business process needs (in terms of calculation power, bandwidth, memory, etc.) for it to run properly on a specific service execution platform
More importantly
A Business Process Optimization is to change a Business Process to reach a higher Quality Of Service Level
Organizations can ensure a perfect optimization of their Business Processes using our smartPROCESSTM suite


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