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Do you want to turn your paper-based processes into flexible paperless processes without heavy investment into hardware or software?

Actiprocess smartSTORE is a cloud based service offering that can easily add scanned document processing and all early and late archiving scenarios to your system with out any hardware or software install
Recent research findings have discovered that even today more than 65% of the businesses still deal in paper based processes.
Did you know the fact that for an invoice processing is the average spending on a manual process ($15.00) is almost 400% costlier to the best spend ($ 3.75) ,if it is done using an automated process and the irony is the users, who use the best and sophisticated ERPs like SAP still deal with paper based process. Reason behind is the  current archiving and digital documenting solutions are costlier and pose a burden on the user with their High TCO.
Did you know that the current cloud computing allows users to archive their documents on to the cloud and amazing way to increase storage space on your traditional systems.
Users spend extravagant amount of time in dealing with the paper based processes as they have to juggle between various departments/ approval authorities in getting a process complete. The fact that the users got to deal with high amount of unstructured data during a process life cycle takes the best part of time in arranging of the same to the tune of quality management initiatives taken by the organizations to be audit perfect leaving no trail behind.
The advent of document management systems have seemed to solve their problem of turning their hard copies to soft, but they too could not solve the problem of connecting the structured content with the unstructured and the process still remains cumbersome with users getting immersed in the unstructured content.
The need of the hour is for a really “smartSTORE®” system that enables the SAP Business suite users to make their unstructured data Structured and connect it to the business flow of the respective business transaction thus giving the user a ready reckoner for the transaction.
Almost all the companies that have SAP Business Suite and that have not implemented any workflow projects use emails, as their way of approval process. The case is similar with more than 65% of the companies that might have implemented work flow projects.
Reason? Most of these companies still use paper based processes that accumulates large amount of unstructured content and their SAP is used as transaction recording system

The following are the typical challenges faced by users in dealing with paper based processes

  • Difficult to optimize and automate
  • Piling up of unstructured content resulting into requirement of huge storage space
  • The user gets immersed with huge amount of data that it becomes difficult for him to tie it with the actual transaction
  • Misses audit deadlines owing to the uncoupling of structured and unstructured content
  • Longer timeframes required for completion of each process cycle
  • With the regulatory compliances like Sarbanes –Oxley Act becoming business imperative, tough times to cope with the same using paper based processes
  • Deter the operational efficiency
  • No answer to the questions like no. of documents to handle for each process, and the number keeps increasing with requirement to adherence to each international standard that are becoming imperative. Dampens the speediness in decision making process

As organizations want to turn their paper based processes into paperless processes we at Acti Process have come out with a product aptly titled “smartSTORE” that provides a smart way of turning your paper based processes into paperless processes and gives digital document management capability to your SAP® system. It also archives your unstructured content structured! In the cloud! with just a click


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