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Are you spending too much on maintaining and managing standard or custom workflows in your SAP® system?

ActiProcess Workflow Administration Services will help provide superior support at a fraction of your costs. Our workflow experts can easily identify problem areas and help you manage your workflows effectively.
The major area of concern for organizations who have gone ahead and implemented workflows is the administration of the same. Considering the High cost factors involved in maintenance of workflow experts in house, organizations defy carrying on with workflow initiatives and tend to hinder the whole usage of a workflow solution. ActiProcess, considering this aspect intends to provide SAP Workflow administration services as a third party service to the organizations that have already implemented workflows , but are facing issues in administering the same. We at ActiProcess have a pool of workflow experts who will be readily available in providing administration services to the organizations.
We carry out Workflow administrations services on a time and material basis both on a fixed period usually annually, and also on an adhoc basis. Workflow Administration Services includes
  • No need to have WF administrators on staff
  • Defined SLAs
  • Fixed cost
  • Easy enhancement and process improvements
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