Actiprocess Process Optimization for SAP Business Processes | Actiprocess

Rapid Deployment and Easy Admin

The key to realizing process optimization in an enterprise environment is rapid prototyping and easy administration. These have been the holy grail of most business software systems from some time now. With ActiProcess Smart Process Suite products it is possible to achieve both these goals.

  • ActiProcess products use “native” platforms like SAP, Google and Microsoft SharePoint which the customers have already invested in
  • Installation and administration of ActiProcess products does not need any additional skill sets
  • SAP Basis Administrators’ can install and manage the ABAP add-ons
  • Network/Web administrators can handle product products
  • Desktop/Device administrators can handle the installation of any client components
  • Rapid prototyping can be done during process design sessions to show the shell process almost in real-time. This will enable and empower the process owners to come up with a much more optimize end-state process

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