Actiprocess Process Optimization for SAP Business Processes | Actiprocess

No Workflow Expertise required

 ActiProcess Smart Process Suite provides an intelligent intuitive process layer on top of SAP Workflow and other Basis infrastructure which allows SAP technical team to configure and develop workflow processes without any specific knowledge of SAP workflow technologies.

  • Basis ABAP knowledge is enough to configure and develop process flows
  • In most cases workflows can be configured without programming and for the cases where programming is required it is just writing some SAP ABAP Function modules with specific logic required for that process.
  • Piece of cake for any ABAP developer
  • Well documented implemented guide and sample code helps any developer easily configured and customize the product set for specific use cases
  • Configuration is similar to core SAP modules and uses similar SAP IMG (implementation guide) tools like SPRO to do customizations
  • All of ActiProcess code is in ActiProcess name space so there will be no Z or Y programs hence no conflicts to existing custom developments


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