Actiprocess Products

High level Architecture of smartPROCESS® Suite

SAP and Java Products


ActiProcess smartPROCESS® Suite empowers organizations to achieve increased productivity, reduced time to market, improve the value of existingIT investments and faster response to ever changing market demands. Our products and solutions help customers streamline their business processes quickly and effectively. ActiProcess Process Framework powers various business solutions that can be easily installed and configured to customers requirements. The PF platform provides a easy to use framework so that business process owners can take control of the process design and not be chained by the short comings of the technical framework. This allows process owners to design the process to be optimal and continually seek feedback and tune the processes to bett er align them to changing business conditions. The changes are done in a controlled framework so that all compliance requirements are met.ActiProcess Product set includes five main components  smartFLOW®smartSTORE®smartKEY® smartPORTAL®and smartxPORTAL® 


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