Actiprocess smartFLOW


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smartFLOW® is a powerful and flexible business process rules Framework and the infrastructure is built using native SAP ABAP technology that can trigger follow-on actions based on context of the request.

smartFLOW® is a flexible framework for assembling business processes without regard to technical implementation details. This is built on top of generic SAP ABAP stack with very few optional external components. It is  one of the smallest technical footprint in any SAP system landscape. It is SAP ABAP Add-On component that integrates seamlessly into SAP ABAP stack.

The power of this product is the ability that provides for customers to easily build Content Enabled Business Processes using native SAP technologies to achieve efficient use of software and hardware assets.

Key Features:

  • ABAP add on
  • A readymade product for implementing workflows
  • Flexible
  • Low TCO
  • Built in Process Frameworks
  • Effective and efficient collaboration across the hierarchies
  • Seam less integration with SAP R/3 4.6 c onwards


  • Process Optimization & Automation
  • Process efficiencies and reduction in cycle time
  • Infrastructure for Implementation of business processes quickly
  • Sophisticated and controlled user collaboration infrastructure
  • Seamless integration
  • Most business processes can be configured very quickly and do not need programming
  • Efficient feedback mechanism
  • Extensive infrastructure for handling unstructured documents
  • A complete framework for realizing paper-less processes using Document Management
  • Complete process audit trail



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