Actiprocess smartKEY

business process management softwaresmart KEY®

SKsmartKEY® is an extensible and flexible framework for implementing business rules in SAP Business Suite. These rules can be used in business Process flows that can be assembled using Smart Process Module.

Key Features:

  • SAP Archive Link compliant front end scanning software
  • Works with most scanners
  • Supports batch scanning with bar code recognition and sophisticated document splitting mechanism
  • Supports input from an Microsoft Exchange mail box
  • Can be run in background batch mode to initiate processes in SAP
  • Can use network file share as input source to initiate processes in SAP
  • Configurable and flexible with personalization options
  • Works with any Archive Link compliant Content Repository


  • Automation
  • Lesser Cycle times
  • Seamless Integration with SAP workflow and SAP Content Repository
  • Seamless Integration with the smartPROCESS SUITE products
  • Scan & Split
  • Batch Scanning & Archiving
  • Scheduler
  • Works on most Windows Platforms
  • Ability to pass some basic meta data



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