Actiprocess Smart Vender Setup Process

Streamline organization wide requests for vendor master creation and strengthen your business by automation and optimization

 Consistent and Accurate information to all the departments 

Organization wide requests for Vendor master creation in SAP can be optimized with centralization and automation of the data collection and approval processes using a workflow. This would ensure all the departments are working with accurate and timely information. Usually when organization implement SAP Vendor Master Creation process, they do not have a process which is actually driven by SAP Workflow to collect data and connect multiple people in the multiple step process together in an automated accurate way. Also the vendor creation requests and approval process will involve people of the organization outside the SAP centric user base. ActiProcess smartPROCESS SUITE® solutions simplifies the process of fielding requests for vendor master creation inside SAP with an optimized, automated workflow that offers requests initiation, data collection, approval, and execution.

  1. Data Collection Process
  2. Approval Process
  3. Posting Process

Organizations have multiple sets of people belonging to various departments can be responsible for the data that is eventually used to create a new vendor master record inside SAP. This can lead to emails, phones, forms, external documents, etc., which are used to collect data and then manually entered into SAP. This lack of integration results in most of the issues like low master data quality, no validation and duplicate master records, leading to problems and high costs in other departments when processing orders, invoices, etc. Collection of this data can be streamlined and automated using ActiProcess smartVendor Setup Process solution. The Data Collection process of this solution gives the organizations the ability to create vendor master data in a controlled accurate and consistent manner. Video Scenario: Vendor creation request from a web browser once raised by giving the general data and that triggers a workflow inside SAP. This workflow goes parallel to both Procurement and Finance agents with the general request data. Both the agents enter the data that is relevant, validated and consistent from their role and submit to process the flow.

Creating Vendor master data accurately and consistently is usually a request-driven process that involves multiple people and many steps with often less-than-ideal results. Vendor master creation requests need to be routed to appropriate stake holders for input, review, approval and rejection of the data collected. These stakeholders in organizations usually consist of multiple people belonging to various departments, designations and locations. Also some of these people involved are outside the SAP centric user base and can use the web browser portal interface or mobile interface of the smartVendor Setup Process solution for the approval process. The Approval process of this solution helps in maximizing organization investments made into SAP, creating Shared Service Centers and paves the way for continuous process improvements. Video Scenario: Vendor creation request triggers a workflow inside SAP, which goes parallel to both Procurement and Finance agents for data collection. The workflow then goes to approval heads of Procurement and Finance respectively for approval and rejection. On approval by both the agents the workflow flows to a final approval approves using SAP GUI, Web Portal or mobile. On approval of final head sends the workflow to the next step of the process.

Vendor master record is created inside SAP by automatically posting the approved collected data. As everything is controlled by the SAP itself, there is no need for any integration and leads to better utilization of the available resources. Ensure complete accountability with audit trails for every SAP vendor master data transaction posting. Improved visibility and processing of the vendor creation can be done faster and effectively with distributed teams using smartVendor Setup Process solution. Posting at the end after all the necessary approvals of data collected results in consistent and accurate vendor master records. Video Scenario: The final step agent now creates a vendor automatically by calling the SAP transaction. Thus created vendor is from the data that is approved by all the stakeholders.

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